Head and Neck Cancer Rapid Access Clinic

01 Oct 2021

HEAD AND NECK CANCER is the 7th most common cancer in Australia, with over 5,000 new cases being diagnosed each year. The impact of a Head and Neck Cancer diagnosis can be devastating, especially with late diagnosis. Long-term side effects of diagnosis and required treatment can include loss of voice, vision, hearing, taste and smell- as well as difficulty swallowing, inability to chew, chronic pain and numbness.


Early diagnosis is the key for cure and optimal long-term function. To expedite and improve Head and Neck Cancer diagnosis, the Prince of Wales Hospital Head and Neck Department has established the first rapid access screening clinic. This clinic will allow a streamlined service for patients at risk of Head and Neck Cancer to diagnose the disease at an early stage and allow for less invasive treatment with fewer side effects and better outcomes.


Referrals for this clinic can be made via phone – 0499 099 874. An email for this service will be provided shortly.

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