Welcome to our Civilian Hero Circle

Regular Givers are absolutely vital to the life-saving work of the Foundation and it is the most valuable way to support us. Your generosity to donate an amount of your choice each month is truly making a difference for our patients every day and enables us to fund life-saving surgeries, provide ongoing education for our staff, and invest in vital medical research. When you become a regular donor to the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation, you automatically become a part of our Civilian Hero Circle - a special group of committed Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation supporters united by one goal: to save lives. 

Why is Regular Giving so important?

Regular Giving is one of the most effective and convenient ways for you to support the work that we do. At the end of the financial year, you will receive a tax deductible statement to assist you with your tax return. Regular giving not only helps us plan the resources necessary, it provides life changing support and is also a cost-effective way to donate as it avoids manual processing, thereby keeping our administration costs down.